August 2020

Metal Roof

Is it worth switching from shingle roof to a metal roof?

Everywhere I look, there are more and more homes with metal roofs. Especially in Florida, this seems to be the growing trend among homeowners. But is it worth spending the money to upgrade to a metal roof?
After doing some research and being in the roofing industry for a little while now, I feel there are certain factors to consider when deciding on upgrading to metal.

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Insurance Claim Denied

Has your Insurance Company denied your roof claim?

It is difficult for the average homeowner to navigate through the daunting challenges of the Insurance Claims process all alone. And while no one can do this for you, you do not have to do it alone. We are here for you, every step of the way – helping you understand all that you need to know in order to secure a beautiful new roof on your home – even if the Insurance Company does at first say “no.”

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FREE Drone Inspection

2020 Best Contractor Award

The Best Contractor Awards judging panel of industry specialists honored Sun Coast Roofing & Solar with the 2020 Best Contractor Award for their outstanding service and craftsmanship over the last year.

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3 Questions

Should I Get 3 Estmates?

There is sometimes confusion that exists when faced with the question, “should I get three estimates?” On one hand, it is good to see what various Contractors have to offer. And during the Estimate process, you will undoubtedly meet a wide variety of salesmen with personality types, some you click with and some you do not. And while that process can be interesting, it can also be time-consuming, energy draining, and ultimately pointless.

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