Emergency Tarping

Tree Hits Roof

An emergency can happen when you least expect it. Whether it is caused by a fallen tree, missing shingles, or from the wrath of a hurricane, it is imperative to act quickly to protect further damage to your roof and ultimately your home.

Emergency Tarping is used to prevent any further damage, but should only be used in the event that a permanent remedy cannot be accomplished quickly. Consider it a temporary "band-aid" until your roof can be repaired or until a new roof is installed.

We highly recommend hiring a professional contractor who is licensed and insured, as attempting to do-it-yourself can be very dangerous.

Will My Insurance Pay?

For Tarping Costs

It all depends on the specific cause of the damage. If your damage was due to a hail storm or hurricane damage then it is automatically covered.

Insurance companies do require you to mitigate further damage to your home or roof. So if you know your roof has been damaged by a storm, it is important to request emergency repair - tarping by a professional in order to prevent your insurance company denying your claim due to your negligence.
Blue Tarp

Insurance Software

Accurate, Reliable Software of Choice

Sun Coast Roofing & Solar uses Xactimate, which is a thirdy-party insurance software that Florida mandates insurance adjusters use to create your estimate.

Sun Coast Roofing & Solar performs Emergency Repair - Tarping on a prepaid or insurance pre-approval basis only.