Gutters, Fascia & Soffit

All three, are incredibly important to the overall condition of your roof and home in general.


Gutters play a critical role in controlling water run-off from your roof and safe-guarding your foundation. A gutter system should also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to your home, while being strong and durable. Whether you’re building a new home, replacing an aging gutter system or upgrading to seamless gutters, we can help you determine what will best suit your needs and fit your budget.



Fascia is the band of horizontal material situated immediately under the roof edge and is visible from the street. Fascia can be constructed from vinyl, wood, aluminum and other metals. Fascia not only protects the integrity of your home but it plays a role in the overall appearance by adding the ifnishing touches that complete the look of your home's exterior.

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Soffit is the “floor” of the roof; underside panelling that extends from the side of the house to the edge of the eave, enclosing the space between and sealing it from the elements. Because soffits are a part of the roof, they are vulnerable to the outside elements, such as water and animals nesting in the space behind the soffit panels.


All three of these components are critical features of the roof and are necessary and important. The Florida weather can be bruttal, constant sun exposure, wind storms, hail storms, and torrential downpours can play havoc with your roof and structural integrity of your home.
Sun Coast Roofing can inspect these components and recommend a maintenance program. Give us a call.

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