Roof Maintenance

By not performing roof maintenance on an ongoing basis, you're putting your property at risk of damage — not to mention jeopardizing your warrantee coverage.
Preventative Maintenance Commercial Roof

For business owners, their commercial properties are an investment and they want to get the most out of them. To keep commercial buildings in prime condition, paying close attention to roof maintenance is essential. Taking such preventive steps can improve the life cycle of the roof and provide commercial property owners with the best return on their investment.

A small investment in roofing maintenance today will yield great dividends well into the future. It will also save you money in the long run since a well-maintained roof lasts long without the need for expensive repairs and quick roof replacements, both of which can be expensive.

Most folks understand the value of maintaining their vehicles. Relatively small expenditures on inspections, tune ups, oil change, tire change and other needs, wherever appropriate, can help keep your vehicle in good running order and prevent expensive repair work and disruptions due to sudden breakdowns.

The same holds true for roofs as well. Your roof also requires appropriate care to continue providing value to your commercial property. After all, it is the key component of your property that keeps it safe from harsh weather elements and has a big role in providing a comfortable environment to the building’s occupants. Yet, the roof is often overlooked and its critical function is taken for granted.

Maintenance Inspection of Commercial Roof

To keep your roof (and thus your commercial building) in good condition, you need to follow an optimal schedule for roof maintenance and inspection. Besides adding to the structural integrity of your roof, this will also take care of functional parts like curbs, drains, flashings, reflective coating, etc.

Roofing inspections are a key aspect of commercial roof maintenance. You should carry out inspections at least twice a year to catch small (but critical) problems before they get any bigger.

The value of roofing inspection lies in a roofing expert’s ability to identify critical defects that can easily escape the untrained eye. It is more than just gazing at a roof and its fine construction. A reputable roofing professional has years of experience that will empower them to catch defects in time so that you can be spared the cost, effort and inconvenience of major repairs and overhauls.

The roofing expert has a sharp eye for catching out blemishes like warped sealants, tears in the outer layer and other defects that can go unnoticed but create big headaches down the road if not addressed early on.

Roof Maintenance Saves Money

Start At InstallationPreventative roof maintenance will extend your roofs life expectancy and should start as soon as the roof installation is complete.

Inspections Find ProblemsMinor problems caught early can prevent major headaches and costly repairs. Annual or Bi-Annual inspections are recommended.

Protect Your WarrantyRegular commercial maintenance is required by most manufacturers in order to ensure your warrantee status is protected.

Saving You Money Maintenance Program will catch minor repair issues early saving you costly repairs, protecting your warranty, and countless hours of headaches.

Sun Coast Roofing & Solar is your optimum choice for your commercial roof maintenance program. Let us alleviate the stress of managing your roof, by performing regular inspections and maintenance in order to keep your roof in tip top condition, thus extending the lifespan of your roof.

Certified Commercial Maintenance Professional

All roofs are not created equal, so give us a call, we will tailor the best preventative maintenance program for your roof, you will be glad you did...