Repair Service

Just because your roof has issues, it does not necessarily mean that you need to replace it. Let us take a look and advise you on the right solutions for your home.

Emergency Call

Emergencies can happen at any time, especially after a storm, don't wait until the problem turns into something major, you need to get it fixed immediately.
Delay will cost more in roof repair expenses, and may even compromise the structural integrity of your home or building and may cause enough damage that you would need a full roof replacement.
Depending on the type of emergency, some repairs may be covered by your insurance company.
Our skilled emergency technicians are standing by, DON'T DELAY!
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Emergency Tarp

The pure chaos that comes to local communites hit hard by a named hurricane, is cause for immediate emergency repair.
Insurance companies require for you to mitigate any further damage. Be patient, you're not alone, many locals will have experienced similar or more severe damage. Sun Coast Roofing & Solar will be there, to secure your home from further damage by providing emergency tarping.
Once our immediate customers roofs have been protected from more damage, we will then schedule an appointment for a roof inspection to assess the damage you have endured.
Let our sales consultants unburden you with the stress and headaches that come from figuring out the process to follow after you have sustained damage. They will inspect/document the scope of work required to make your roof whole again.
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Leak Repair

If you have water dripping in to your home then it is obvious you have a leak, if you notice water stains on your ceiling, chances are you have a leak problem.
Not all leaks are automatically due to roof damage.You may have a sunlight that needs re-sealing, chimney flashing problems, or damaged vents, in many cases a leak can be caused by your A/C unit.
Our skilled repair technicians will find the problem, assess and inform you of the best plan of action.
Give us a call today, don't delay, it could be a simple fix allowing you to put your pots & pans away.
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Missing Shingles

If you notice a missing shingle or several missing shingles, then you may experience some issues if not attended to in an efficient manner.
It could be that when the shingle was installed it was nailed too close to the border and not in the manufacturers strike zone.
Regardless, on why shingle/shingles are missing, if not remedied it could cause severe damage to the integrity of your roof.
Give us a call today, we will address the issue and inform you if the damage warrants an insurance claim or a simple repair.
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Hail Damage

You will be surprised how damaging hailstones can be to your roof. Depending on the severity of hailstorm, hailstones can hit your asphalt roof so hard that it causes cracks, which then allows water to seep into those cracks, which can cause irreparable damage to your property.
If you suspect damage after a hail storm, call us to setup a free roof inspection. We will assess the hail damage to see if it substantiates filing an insurance claim or just requires a simple fix.
If your property has suffered hail damage, be sure to address the issues right away before they worsen over time.
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Gutter / Siding Damage

Hailstones not only cause potential problems to your roof, they can also damage your siding, such as, dents, cracks, and holes in your siding, which can lead to interior/exterior problems to your home.
Damaged gutters and downspouts is also a serious problem if damaged, as these are the vessels that direct water away from your home.
Our trained repair technicians have the knowledge and expertise to handle any repair damaged situation no matter how big or small, from roofing impairments to interior/exterior home repair solutions.
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When dealing with roof leaks, the most important step is to determine the exact cause of the problem. No matter how small it may seem, you should get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Neglect or delay will worsen the situation, adding to your overall roofing repair and/or interior water damage repair expenses.

Sun Coast Roofing & Solar repair technicians have the knowledge and right tools to quickly identify and fix the cause of your leak and are available at all hours of the day and night ready to get your repair/emergency under control quickly!