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My wife and I recently went through the process of purchasing a home. Exciting right? It was, but there was also a level of stress when trying to find out if everything with the house is functional, mainly the roof.

If I wasn’t in the roofing industry myself, the only way I would have known is to have a professional come out and inspect. But there are certain things you as a homeowner can look for that can help determine if it’s time for a repair or a new roof.

Should I Repair or Replace?

Obviously, replacing a roof can be a major expense. Can I just get by with a repair for now and save some money?

If a roof is repairable, this is the cheapest way to fix the problem and get the most out of the existing roof. However, you must take into consideration short-term versus long-term.

Repair costs can add up and you could eventually spend just as much on repairs as you would a new roof. Also, if a roof is at or near the end of it’s expected service life, a repair may not be advisable due to the potential of creating more issues in the near future.

A repair could also be a major eye sore with the mismatching of the new material with the existing material.

I would suggest finding a contractor (Sun Coast Roofing & Solar ) who will give an honest inspection, tell you your options, and advise you on which route is in your best interest.

What to look for with shingle roofs

  • Missing shingles
  • Curled shingle edges
  • Bald spots where granules are missing
  • Cracked shingles

What to look for with metal roofs

  • Tears, gouges, or punctures
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Loose or lifted fasteners
  • Improper flashing (missing, damaged, or hanging)

What to look for with tile roofs

  • Missing tiles
  • Badly damaged tiles
  • Multiple cracked tiles
  • Tiles that appear to be loose or not uniform with others

What to look for with flat roofs

  • Extensive pooling of water
  • Rips or tears in the material
  • Lifting of the material around the perimeter

If you have a tar and gravel roof, it’s best to have a professional come out and inspect. These roofs tend to be very difficult to find holes or leaks.

Be Proactive

No matter the age of your roof, there are certain things you can do as a homeowner to help with the service life of your current roof.

  • After any named storm (wind, hurricane, hail), even if there seems to be no visible damage, have a professional contractor come and give a free inspection.
  • It never hurts to have annual or bi-annual inspections
  • If there is a build up of leaves or other debris anywhere on the roof, have someone blow off the roof.
  • If there are any trees or branches physically brushing up against the roof, have them trimmed back.
  • If your roof is nearing the end of its service life, and you have the means to replace the roof, it is best to just replace to prevent any interior damages caused by leaks.

Ultimately, the decision is yours when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof. But its always good to have a professional in your corner to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We are to help with your decision.

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