Warning Signs You May Need A New Roof


Drip! Drop! Splash!

You examine your roof closely and find that it is damaged. However, you are not sure about the extent of damage. The next question you are found asking yourself is:

Can the leak be repaired or does your roof need replacing altogether?

You don’t know, because, it’s not your area of expertise. Further, the multi-layer build of roof has complicated your assessment to predict how close the roof is, to experiencing failure.

This blog, will walk you through the tell-tale signs of potential roof failure. If you observe any of these warning signs, you should immediately contact your local roofing contractor and get the roof professionally inspected.

Warning Signs of Potential Roof Failure

Climbing on a roof when you are not experienced can be dangerous, we advise contacting a professional for a roof inspection. However, if you choose to investigate yourself these are some signs to look for.

Sign #1: The Curling and Cupping of Shingles

Access your rooftop and examine the shingles. This should be your starting point for a self-conducted roof inspection.

If you observe that the edges of the shingles have curled upwards, this indicates signs of rooftop weathering. However, it’s not only the curled edges that should be acknowledged. Sometimes, roof shingles may start to come up from the middle.

Depending on the number of shingles that have curled and cupped up, the remaining life of your roof could be anywhere from a year to a period of five years.

Sign #2: Cracked Shingles

While you are up there, you should also look for any signs of cracked shingles. Shingle cracks, isolated in a region means, you can replace them without the need of replacing the entire roofing system. However, if the cracks are dispersed randomly over a large area, it is one of the most evident warning signs of potential roof failure.

Sign #3: Inspect the Roof Gutters

As roofs tend to get older, they start losing more granules. Look in you roof's gutter system for any lost granules. If you find the gutters loaded with shingle granules, you should contact a local roofing contractor in your area and seek professional advice.

Sign #4: Make a Visit to the Attic

Climb down and step into the attic. Don’t forget the flashlight!

  • When inside the attic, look for any signs of daylight coming through the roof.
  • Observe, if there are any signs of water stains or streaks of mold dew.

If you find any, it means that the damage has far penetrated the roofing system and you must look into replacing it.

Sign #5: The Obvious - The Age!

Search for any paper trail that may help you determine the age of your roof.

Normally, shingles are built to last for at least 20-25 years. However, depending on weather conditions, a roof may age prematurely. This is the reason we decided to cover this point in the end. For, even though the paper trail may show that the roof is years away from a potential failure, the forces of nature may have inflicted it with severe damage, increasing its chances of premature failure.

Your roof is an important part of your house as it helps to protect you from external forces. Maintain a regular roof inspection schedule. Act promptly, if you observe any tell-tale signs of potential roof failure.

Stay Dry!

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