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Why Go Solar for Your New Roof

Thinking of installing a solar roof? There is no doubt that solar roof is a major investment for your property. The premier roofing service provider of Florida, can tell you the benefits of solar roofing.

Bring Down Energy Bills

This one is pretty obvious. Solar roofs in sunshine states like Florida are now imperative for saving energy costs. But what is not so obvious is that even during cloudy weather, you can still save a lot on your energy bills.

Solar panels have evolved and their efficiency has improved tremendously over the years. Even with intermittent sunshine and cloudy conditions, you can still benefit from the sunshine that seeps through.

Tax Credits and Rebates

In Florida, you can take advantage of tax credits to save money on solar roofing installation. You can also enjoy a 30% Federal ITC credit reduction in solar installation costs even with a solar battery. Solar roofing is now much more affordable, thanks to the environmentally-friendly state policies.

Quick Payback

The substantial savings on your energy bills will pay for installation costs in just a few years. The time frame to break even is less than the 10-year warranty that you normally enjoy and way less than the 25-year lifecycle of your solar system.

Thus, you can go for years and years generating free electricity even after you have recovered your investment. Such a good deal is hard to beat. Not only will you save a lot of money, you will also have the satisfaction of being an environmentally-friendly and responsible citizen.

Savings That Go Through the Roof

Solar panels can protect your roof against the elements and extend their functionality. Instead of letting your expensive roof sit idle, you can put it to good use by generating electricity through solar panels.

The panels will protect your roof against the harsh elements, thereby extending its lifespan. The solar panels themselves are now highly durable and resilient even under tough weather conditions. Saving costs on your roof is an indirect yet key benefit of solar panels that many do not realize.

Summer Time Benefits

During summers, the scorching sun rays won’t heat up your home if you have solar panels. Instead, they will be absorbed by the solar panels to generate electricity and reduce the burden on your HVAC system.

Compare this with a roof that has no solar panels. In this case, the sun’s rays become an added burden since your HVAC must go into overdrive to neutralize the heat of impinging sun rays. With solar panels installed, the blistering hot rays no longer escalate your energy bills and damage the roof in the process. Your solar system will instead turn them into an asset by converting them into free electricity.

Increase Property Value

For each kilowatt capacity increase, you can boost the resale value of your home by thousands of dollars. So if you have a solar system in place, you need not worry about selling your house. In case you need to sell your home, you can recover the costs of your solar system and even enjoy a premium value on the sale of your property.

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