When do you need a Re-Roof?


Periodic Inspections Is Important

Sometimes it can be difficult to assess the health of your roof by simply looking at it from the ground. A damage or a deterioration that may look minor from the outside, as you shuttle your kids back and forth from the driveway and into the house, glancing at the rooftop – may actually be quite major on a closer look. Major enough to signify that you need a new roof.

When do you need a Re-Roof?

This question can only be answered through an intensive inspection process, in which the roof itself, helps you find the answer to it. It is time to hire a local, certified contractor to conduct a thorough inspection to determine if you need a complete re-roof or a partial repair.

The Talking Shingles

Shingles talk. Not literary but literally. Curled, cupped shingles, spread all over the roof, tell you that you need a new roof. However, if you find curled and cupped shingles confined in a small region, then this is more about the sign that your roof needs a repair rather than a full replacement.

Another way, through which shingles communicate the life of a roof, is through their tab adhesion retention.

What is tab adhesion?

In non-technical terms, it is basically your shingles being adhered to your roof deck. If you can easily peel off from the deck, without expending much effort, it is a tell-tale sign that your roof needs replacing.

Those Granules on the Downspouts

Granules protect your shingles from the harmful ultraviolet rays, your roof top is being exposed to, as the magnificent sun shines in its glory. When these granules start shedding off, your shingles become exposed. They curl and they cup. They become brittle and they start falling over.

Therefore, another sign that indicates that your current roof needs replacing is if you find these granules in abundance on the downspouts or in the roof gutter.

The Signs of Acidic Deterioration

There are certain elements that can cause the acidic deterioration of your rooftop. These elements include droppings from birds and leaves of the trees. Acidic deterioration of rooftops is characterized by its discoloration and the roof panels becoming brittle and soft.

If your rooftop is showing significant signs of acidic deterioration, there is a high chance that your entire roofing system could be damaged and you may need a new roof.

Appearance of Dark Streaks on Roof Decks

Due to water infiltration, algae can grow on your roof top and penetrate all the way down, affecting the roof decks. This affects the structural integrity of the whole roofing system, making it weak. The presence of algae can be detected by the appearance of dark streaks on roof decks. Sometimes, these stains can also be found in the inside of your home, on the walls and the ceilings.

A Sagging Roof

This is the most evident sign that your roof needs replacement. The sink in the structural integrity can be easily appreciated from the outside, and sometimes even from the inside. As such, you should immediately contact a local roofing contractor to get a new roof installed at your home.

By looking for the above signs while inspecting your roof, you can assess its health and determine whether it needs replacing or just a repair.

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