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Maintenance Is Key

In our previous blog, Warning Signs That You May Need a New Roof, we discussed the signs that indicate a potential roof failure. And, we can all agree that a re-roofing project to repair a potenial roof failure involves major expenses.

This begs the question:

What can homeowners do to protect their roof?

The answer lies in scheduled roof maintenance and timely repair of roofing problems, before they turn into a major inconvenience. This blog has been written to guide you in the very context of roof repair and maintenance.

First of all, as homeowners, you need to understand the factors that contribute towards roof damage. Some of these are listed below:

What Causes Roof Damage?

Weather Elements Can Damage Your Roof

This involves high soaring temperatures, high speed winds, thunderstorms, rain, hail and snow. All of these put strain on your roof, contributing towards gradual deterioration of roof’s health.

Trees Can Damage Your Roofing System

Trees can also damage your roof. The outgrowing branches can physically displace the shingles. The rotten leaves can cause acidic deterioration of your roof. Trees promote the growth of mold that can damage a roofing system. And, they can also damage your roof by causing rain water to pool at the rooftop, as the shedded leaves clog the rain gutters.

Pesty Birds Can Damage Your Roof

Yes, even the best pirds can damage your roof. They peck on the roof substrates. They promote the development of lichen and moss. Pest birds can also degrade the structural rigidity of a roof, by the action of their acidic droppings.

What to Know Before Starting a Roof Repair or Maintenance Project

Now, you know, about the different elements that can cause damage to your roof. This shifts the onus on you, to execute scheduled maintenance and timely repairs so as to address any damages that may be caused by the factors listed above. However, before starting a roof repair or maintenance project, there is one very important factor that you need to consider.

Indoor Air Quality

This is probably the most ignored aspect of a roof repair or maintenance project. Both of these projects, require the execution of practices that can affect indoor air quality, causing discomfort to the people living inside the residential unit.

Make sure you take all the necessary steps to keep the indoor air quality maintained. The hired roofing repair and maintenance service, should be able to guide you in this regard.

Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

Here are few maintenance tips to help your roofing system last long:

  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule of your rain gutters.
  • Trim, the potentially troublseome outgrowth of trees.
  • Weekly visit your attic and look for any signs of dwellings of pest birds. If you find a nest in enclosed spaces, get rid of it.
  • Wash your roof top with moderate pressure water supply, atleast once a month.
  • Install zinc strips on your roof top to prevent the growth of fungus, moss or mildew.
  • Execute timely replacement of damaged or curling shingles.

Lastly, it is always better to hire professional services for roof repair projects, rather than trying to execute the work on your own. Roof repair projects are no walk in the park. They require careful handling and can be unsafe if they are not executed carefully. Moreover, a professional contractor would also ensure the implementation of a longer lasting solution, as opposed to trying to do the job on your own.

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