Importance of Attic Ventilation


Why Attic Ventilation is Important!

Why is attic ventilation important? Attic ventilation is a key aspect of your home that you cannot ignore since it has a direct effect on your roof’s lifespan, energy bills and even your health.

A well-maintained home is one which has optimal attic ventilation for a host of different benefits. Here is what happens without attic ventilation:

Blistering Hot Attic

If there is no ventilation, your attic will become very hot, especially during the summer months. Since the air in the attic is trapped, it keeps gaining heat from the sun to become hotter and hotter. The high heat will transfer to different parts of your home to increase its temperature. Your HVAC system will have to do extra work in order to remove this excessive heat, thereby raising your energy bills.

Shorter Roof Lifespan

The lifecycle of your roof will decline much more quickly in the absence of attic ventilation. As mentioned previously, without ventilation, the attic space can become exceptionally hot.

Some of this heat may invariably go towards your shingle roof and damage and warp your tiles. Your tiles may need to be replaced. The extent of damage to your roof will depend on how long this continues. Of course, roof repairs and overhauls are not cheap.

Structural Damage to Attic

The high heat from the absence of attic ventilation can damage the building material in your attic, especially wood frames.

High heat can distort the shape of wooden frames and have a negative impact on the structural integrity of your attic. This distortion of support material can introduce stresses to the walls that will eventually crack and damage plaster and paint.

Health Problems

Lack of attic ventilation can have serious health consequences. When the air is trapped, it will build up heat and humidity. Attics also happen to be dark most of the time. These are ideal conditions for fast mold and mildew growth.

If this problem is not taken care of, your attic can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria, which will eventually spread throughout your home, causing breathing problems and other serious health problems.

Moisture Damage

During the winter months, steam from your shower, kitchen, clothes dryer and other sources can all make its way to the attic where it gets trapped. When there is excessive moisture, it eventually condenses.

The water collecting in your attic can damage the insulation, the floor and anything else on which it is present. Expensive repair work will be needed to reverse the moisture damage. High moisture and humidity also proliferate dangerous pathogens, which can harm the health of your relatives and pets.

Final Thoughts

Attic ventilation is not an option. It is imperative since without it, you will face roof damage, mold, mildew, water damage and several other serious problems. Saving a few bucks by avoiding this key component of your home can set you back with several expensive repair jobs and ruin your wellbeing as well.

If you don’t have attic ventilation, you can count on the best in the business to install the ideal system in your attic.

We would be more than pleased to assist you. Contact us today.

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